Oh wie schön ist Panama!

Are you ready to take a well-deserved break from your everyday life?

Could you be looking for that special place where you can discover your fountain of youth?
Well the best kept secret is out – it is located at the crossroads of the world – the republic of Panama!

Yes, Panama is the America’s one of the happiest places on earth. Panama is a land with an abundance of natural wealth and variety of resources that have made it a top retirement and holiday destination. Panama has a great variety of world-class attractions to keep you feeling, looking and staying young.

As early from the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Spanish settlers to creation of the world famous Panama Canal, Panama has been serving as a connection point between the Pacific and the Caribbean. With the new Panama Canal expansion and growth of its modern and cosmopolitan city, Panama has much to offer for Europeans as well. Panama is becoming a major tourist destination in recent years as direct flights from Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Spain become more regular. Since Panama has just begun to promote itself as a tourist destination, its prices are some of the best in exotic travel.

If you are looking for the eternal town of spring you will find it in “Boquete.” Boquete is located in Panama’s magical misty highlands – you can experience its wonders ranging from hiking the Volcano Barú, medicinal trail walking tours, tasting the mountain-grown coffee, sightseeing through natural parks for rare and exotic birds, or white water rafting and kayaking along the cool and refreshing rivers. If you are a naturalist and love wildlife watching, Panama’s multiple national parks (Parque Soberania, Parque Metropolitano, and Parque Chagres) are highly recommended for you. These parks are home to more than 300 mammals and 900 bird species. Scarlet macaws, toucans, sloths and squirrel monkeys are just a few local stars!

More importantly many of the national preserves are home to indigenous cultures. Panama has not one, but 6 colorful Indian tribes – each of them lives in sovereign territories where they preserve their own fascinating culture and way of life. Many live in accessible locations and are happy to share their life and culture with visitors.

To lie back and just enjoy water, sun and sand in every direction, one can visit two coasts for Caribbean and pacific style beaches and more than a 1000 islands.

In these different habitats you can experience dazzling corals and other fascinating marine life, pristine turquoise waters, boating and sail- ing. Here you can experience world class golf- ing, diving, sport fishing, and surfing! Panama’s abundant marine life also supports five excellent diving and snorkeling areas: Coiba National Marine Park, the Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro archipelago, Portobello and the Chiriqui Coast.

If you prefer sophisticated capital city full of a vibrant nightlife and outstanding restaurants, one can enjoy Panama City. Surrounding the city are the former American Canal Zone his- torical sites, scads of Spanish colonial sites and not to mention that 8th wonder of the world and engineering marvel, the Panama Canal.

After a visit to this exotic paradise you will dis- cover what your heart is longing for – cultural diversity, warm sun and water, tropical rainforests and mountain refuges! What are you wait- ing for? Come to Panama and let us organize customized retreats for wellness and carefully planned adventures tours that will leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated!

This article from Eileen Petzold Bradley was first published in August 2015 in Jeunessima magazine.

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