Certified Coaching & Academic Credentials

Ph.D. Candidate, Doctoral of Philosophy (Ongoing), 3.9 GPA

Department of Conflict Resolution Studies (DCRS), Halmos College of Arts and Sciences

Activities and Societies: President, NOVA’s Student Conflict Resolution Working Group Graduate and Teaching Assistant (3 years), Dr. Alexia Georgakopoulos

Research focus includes: Organizational Conflict, Leadership, Facilitation, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution, and Conflict Coaching

Why a Ph.D.? My overarching goal is to fine-tune my conflict resolution and analysis skills and techniques of practice with a solid theoretical foundation. This undertaking of an intense 76-credit hour degree program is preparing me to work as an advanced practitioner in the management and consulting field. In top academic standing and mastering qualitative and quantitative research knowledge and analysis, developing professional leadership skills, and producing publications of quality and substance, allows me to add high value to the industry.

Systemic Coach

(including Transformational Leadership and Motivation)

European Coaching Association (ECA) Approved (392 training hours). Systemic coaching focuses on a constructivist approach, better known as “brief therapy” that each person has their “own” truth. As we all live and work in complex systems, including our workplaces and organizations, families, cultures, communities, and the larger society, this influences the individual. Systemic coaching applies circular thinking, including analyzing individual interactions within a particular system, such as the impacts of inclusion and change. Coaching focuses on the present and future situation, thinking outside of the box, and the client’s strengths. Coaching is solution-based, resource- and goal-oriented, and helps the clients develop new behaviors and a new perspective. Various communication tools (building a good rapport, calibration, pacing, leading, active listening, mirroring, positive feedback) and specialized techniques to promote change, awareness and growth are used such as (the GROW Model, Appreciative Inquiry Models, and NLP techniques such as anchoring, Disney Creative Brainstorm Model, Circles of excellence, and Timeline.)

Certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) Practitioner

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) is an empirically based, cutting-edge assessment tool based on extensive research into entrepreneurs’ traits, motivations, and skills. The EMP helps corporate leaders, students, and entrepreneurs assess the degree to which they are utilizing an “entrepreneurial mindset” and provides resources to leverage that competitive edge.

Formal Education

Master’s Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning (1993-1997), 3.8 GPA University of Virginia, Charlottesville Virginia, USA
Dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Studies and Spanish (1989-1993), 3.8 GPA George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia, USA

Stakeholder Centered Coaching® by Marshall Goldsmith

International Coaching (ICF). Approved 19 CCEU
A proven coaching process tried and tested by more than a million leaders all around the world. Marshall pioneered and created a unique differentiator over other coaching methodologies by introducing “pay for results,” where compensation is only realized if the person receiving coaching improves his/her leadership behaviors as determined by stakeholders. This certification is intended to extend competitive advantage by ensuring clients that certified MG coaches live up to requisite rigor and discipline in their leadership/coaching practice.

Professional Memberships

American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution
BeamReach Inclusion
International Ombuds Association, Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion (DEBI) Committee
Cheeky Scientist, Life-Time Associate Member
The International Council for Online Dispute Resolution, Associate Member
Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), Student Member

What people say

  • Eileen and I have worked on numerous projects together, including teaching a Graduate level Mediation class at Nova Southeastern University and facilitating a full-week workshop in Dispute Resolution at Syracuse University. We collaborated on a book publication and continue to submit yearly workshop presentations at various professional conferences. Eileen has more than exceeded my expectations. I am always pleased with her attitude, friendly nature, professional demeanor, high-quality work, and dedication to excellence.

    Neil Katz
    Director Dr. Neil Katz & Associates
  • Eileen is a remarkable student with an extensive background in both practice and academia. Not only are we working closely on her dissertation as her Chair, but Eileen served as my Graduate Assistant. She has been my right hand in course development and managing graduate-level courses. Eileen has consistently proven herself as an excellent professional, solid writer, gifted student, and thoughtful colleague. She is responsive, dynamic, authentic, and genuinely kind, which makes her a joy to work with!

    Dr. Alexia Georgakopoulos
    Professor Nova Southeastern University
  • Eileen is an amazing and very committed coach and trainer. She really understands people and can relate to their problems on a very deep level. I would recommend her without hesitation as a career coach and intercultural trainer.

    Gary Scott
    CEO / Producer at Vidwerkberlin
  • We were able to co-create effective solutions to complex organizational problems within a few sessions – it was an extremely instructive and enriching experience! Eileen is a highly engaged and skilled professional and enjoyed very much each of our sessions.

    Nadja Carabulea
    Kontist Banking, Scrum Master & Agile Coach (formerly- Employee Success Manager)
  • Eileen is a person who goes above and beyond in her managerial duties. She is always positive and open to face new challenges and directions in her educational positions. She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages.

    Anne Gordon
    Vice President of Business Development, Helen Doron Educational Group
  • I have worked with Eileen for many years and admire the speed in which she manages to start her work and master it. She has remarkable networking qualities and highly motivated to widen her fields of expertise. She has a natural gift to work with people from different cultures and extremely capable of working in multidisciplinary and professional settings.

    Alexander Carius
    Director of Adelphi Research
  • Eileen’s greatest asset is her ability to work in foreign cultures, organize public relations activities and diplomatic events, communicate and network with clients and public officials, oversee and manage projects and work as a team player.

    Andreas Kraemer
    Former Director, Ecologic- Institute for International and European Environmental Policy
  • I have found Eileen to be an intelligent individual, who is willing to take the lead in situations when required. She enjoys working in a leadership role in an international setting and is a natural extrovert who gets great satisfaction in serving others and counseling peers through motivation, listening, and understanding. What I admire about Eileen are her strong practical skills, trustworthiness, sense of duty, and finding ways to work in the German market as an Expat.

    Melanie Fiesler
    Director of WHM (Work Happy Mums)
  • I got to know Eileen through the „INBECO” coaching program. Eileen is very professional, she helped me create a great CV and prepared me for job interviews. With Eileen, you know that you are in good hands and that she will help you and support you throughout the process of finding a job. Thank you Eileen for all your help! 

    Emmy Nikol
    Fashion & Accessories Designer