EP Bradley offers 3 Core Services
Conflict Resolution Engagement
Used in conjunction and coordinated with other conflict management and dispute resolution processes found inside and outside the workplace.

Woven into the conflict resolution approach are various methods, including the comprehensive conflict coaching model (CCCM), appreciative inquiry, crafting the best story through the narrative model, problem-solving and transformative mediation, and a systemic approach taking the complexity of people and their context into account.



Conflict Coaching

Working “one-on-one” in developing the client’s understanding of conflict about identity, emotion, and power. Assist the client in improving interaction strategies and skills to engage in, manage, and productively resolve disputes.



Conflict and Cognitive Mapping

Analyzing the conflict situation graphically in “a conflict tree” by placing parties in relation to the core problem and examining the causes and effects, including points of view, perceptions, needs, or fears.



Serving as an impartial third party to support and structure a more productive conversation and possibly agree to a mutually acceptable resolution.  


Do you need a conflict resolution coach?

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