Coaching Experience

Workplace Mediation & Group Facilitation

Facilitation and Dialogue: Together, we help you resolve your disputes on your terms!

Conflict Coaching
Assist the client in improving interaction strategies and skills to engage in, manage, and productively resolve disputes.

Serve as an impartial third party to support and structure a more productive conversation and possibly agree to a mutually acceptable resolution.

Dispute Systems Design (multi-party)
Examine existing conflict management systems and improve dispute resolution processes found inside and outside the workplace.

Leadership Growth & Team Building

Train your team in enhanced communication and conflict resolution techniques to support a healthy company culture.

Leadership & Development
Every manager is doing conflict resolution, learn the skills needed to lead your teams. Make conflict resolution part of your organizational culture and everyone is conflict competent.

Executive & Stakeholder Coaching
Coach executives to become more agile and resilient through in-company stakeholder centered coaching and 360 Feedback.

Corporate Training
Enskilling teams in all aspects of dispute resolution, facilitated dialogue, conflict awareness, diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural communications, and team-building activities.


Career Development

Provide guidance, orientation and support for academics and working professionals to take the next career steps and pursue new development pathways. Together we pursue achievable goals, strengthen interviewing techniques, design employability portfolios, and upgrade all personal branding documents.

*Exclusive Offer: Career Advising for Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies Graduates