What is the Blog all about?

The purpose of the blog is to help the readers transform the way they communicate, deal with interpersonal and organizational conflicts, and lead themselves and others. Writing this blog not only helps me to become a more reflective practitioner, thinker, and writer, but also provides a venue to delve deeper into matters of life and thought.

The various blog series will provide learning and survival tips and useful tools to equip individuals, teams, and organizations to handle life and business challenges. Readers will learn more about exciting developments in the field of life and career coaching, peace and conflict resolution research, agile leadership and management, and cross-cultural communication. 

Practical tips are offered to help leaders and managers add to their professional development toolkit.  Readers will also learn how to diagnose their conflict and communication styles and improve their abilities to handle conflicts in all life areas. Through digital podcasts, videos, and online training, all the blog material provided will help to foster self-growth and awareness. The various blog categories include: 

Resolving Workplace & Interpersonal Conflicts

Discover the tools to become resilient to conflict in the workplace. Often toxic work environments are fueled by conflict and the lack of conflict management skills and systems. Learn techniques to support healthy company cultures and finally resolve or manage disputes.

Career & Life Coaching

Do you want to reorient yourself professionally and not sure which way to go? Finding a new approach or career path can be daunting in our rapidly changing world regardless of the life phase – job entry, changing professions, starting anew.  Get the latest tips on developing a professional career strategy suiting your perspective and life plans.

Leadership & Team Management

Organizations continue to face the need to develop and cultivate strong leadership and teams to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Learn new ways to lead and overcome management challenges, empower yourself and others, and cultivate new skills and structures to adapt to changing situations.


Through humor, personal stories, academic knowledge, and hands-on experience, I hope the blogs will enrichen your life and ability to cope with change and conflicts. To change the world, you need to change yourself! It is my hope that through better self-awareness and striving for improvement, you continue to be the best version of you!

Stay tuned for regular posts and let me know your thoughts and needs.

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