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What is the Blog all about? EP Bradley talks about her experience as a conflict resolution coach and trainer. Resolving workplace & Interpersonal Conflicts, Career & Life coaching, Leadership Management.
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My Personal Coaching and Life Philosophy!

Join me for my latest podcast, where I talk about the importance of coaching and surrounding yourself with positive peers and mentors. It is essential to find your tribe and...
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Getting to Know Your Values

What Are My Personal Core Values? When was the last time you reflected on your own personal core values? Now is an excellent time to take an inventory of those...
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Oh wie schön ist Panama!

Are you ready to take a well-deserved break from your everyday life? Could you be looking for that special place where you can discover your fountain of youth? Well the...
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Getting Past Difficult Conversations

A Difficult Conversation is anything you find hard to talk about. We get into a dilemma: should I avoid or confront? Delivering a difficult message is like throwing a hand...
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Clever Together Podcast

How to Recover from a Communication Breakdown in International Business Interview with Eileen Petzold Bradley and Corinne Wilhelm from Byte Sized English About Bridging Cultures & Communities.
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Report on Cultural Considerations

"Report on Cultural Considerations - A Conflict Resolution Training Primer Discussion" A Keynote Address by Eileen Petzold-Bradley
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