Eileen Petzold Bradley

Conflict Resolution Coach


I am an “American ex-pat” who has traveled and worked extensively overseas. Often referred to as a “Canal Zonian” after being born and raised along the Panama Canal during a particular time in history. My upbringing largely influenced and shaped my positive outlook on life, my love of diverse cultures, strong family and friendships, and my passion for the environment and nature.

I am a mother of 3 children, a universalist, and humanistic social thinker that passionately believes we are here to make the world a better place! As I am a charismatic person full of visionary ideas, I enjoy learning stories, culture, myths, and traditions about people, societies, and organizations. Finding the deeper meaning behind events and discovering the learning lessons in the situation are a core focus of how I work. I enjoy finding ways to connect with others to understand their unique purpose, life vision, future goals, and aspirations.

I’ve never seen any life transformation 
that didn’t begin with the person in question
finally getting tired of their own bullshit.

Elizabeth Gilbert

EP Bradley Coaching

My early career chapter entailed working over 10+ years in the foreign policy and security field. During this time, I developed a proven track record as an analyst and conflict prevention advisor working for diversified policy think-tanks, foreign governments, security institutions, and non-governmental organizations in Germany and the USA.

After the birth of my children, I decided to switch to a “Mommy-friendly” career to get actively involved in bilingual education. I founded and ran the first English language learning center in Pankow, Berlin, for all learners and ages, while I was also the Master Franchisor for Berlin and Brandenburg for the Helen Doron Educational Group. After effortlessly operating this educational business and teaching 1000+ students over 12 years, I sold this business to embark on a new career path. I became a certified Systemic Coach offering life and career coaching for academics, working professionals and foreign expats in Berlin.

In 2017, I began the life-long dream to academically pursue my Doctoral of Philosophy in Conflict Resolution in the United States. At the same time, this led to creation of “EP Bradley Coaching” to offer conflict resolution and training services to organizations. I envision working as conflict resolution expert, teacher, and social entrepreneur across cultures with diverse global clients for years to come. I created the logo brand which symbolizes a tree that represents life, longevity, growth and transformation. I see myself as a change agent assisting clients discover the roots of conflicts using many conflict diagnostic tools. The indigo blue colors in the logo represent higher intuition and the use of knowledge and wisdom.



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Working Philosophy

I practice “appreciative inquiry” in the way I work, where I view clients as a “fascinating mystery” rather than a problem to be “fixed.” My leadership style is to gather as many facts as possible, critically think about options from a realistic perspective, and then to use “intuition” to make a final decision. People management is my most robust skillset where I am a firm believer in tapping into the strengths of others, exhibiting empathy and compassion, and bringing people’s ideas together. My unique role is to help leaders align their organizational and human needs together, bridge misunderstandings and deal more effectively with interpersonal and group conflicts. My goal is always to accomplish the task at hand, catalyze change, and facilitate growth and transformation.

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