Eileen Petzold Bradley

Conflict Resolution Coach

I am an “American ex-pat” who has traveled and worked extensively overseas. Currently, I live with my German family in Berlin, Germany. I see myself as a universalist and global thinker, and I passionately believe we are here to make the world a better place! As I am a charismatic person full of visionary ideas, I enjoy learning stories, culture, myths, and traditions about people, societies, and organizations. Finding the deeper meaning behind events and discovering the learning lessons in the situation are a core focus of how I work. I enjoy looking into the soul and spirit of people and always want to connect with them to understand their unique purpose, life vision, future goals, and aspirations.

I’ve never seen any life transformation 
that didn’t begin with the person in question
finally getting tired of their own bullshit.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Panama - Germany

different countries shaped my outlook on life

I already practice “appreciative inquiry” in the way I work, where I view my clients as a “fascinating mystery” rather than a problem to be “fixed.”  I enjoy immensely helping others build healthy company culture by having open communication channels, honest and objective feedback sessions, and dealing productively with conflicts.

I am so grateful that I grew up in the former “Canal Zone” in Panama during a particular time in history. This unique place largely influenced and shaped my positive outlook on life, my love of diverse cultures, and my passion for the environment and nature.

After leaving my beloved Panama, I first studied “International Relations & Spanish” at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and after that, “Urban & Environmental Planning” from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. While living in the United States, my first official career was as a Latin American security analyst for the US Army.

In 1997, I moved to Berlin, Germany. I continued to work in the environmental and security policy arena as a consultant for the Institute for Biodiversity, Adelphi Research, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency, and Ecologic.

Eileen's Coaching Blog

Practice what you preach
but just don’t preach all the time.


Coaching Career 

After the birth of my son and twin girls, I decided to switch to a “Mommy-friendly” career to get actively involved in bilingual education. I founded and ran the first English language learning center in Pankow, Berlin, for all learners and ages, while I was also the Master Franchisor for Berlin and Brandenburg for the Helen Doron Educational Group. After running this business for 12 years and teaching well over 1000+students, I sold this business, became a certified systemic coach, and offer life and career for academics and managers with Ingeus. At the same time, I began the intense academic doctoral program of studying “Conflict Resolution with a specialization in Organizational Conflicts” at NOVA Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I continue to work as a remote Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant to Dr. Alexia Georgakopolous and offer my training and consulting services for Prof. Dr. Neil Katz and his Associates.

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There’s no use talking about the problem
unless you talk about the solution.

Betty Williams


Working Philosophy

I am a person who likes a structural framework with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. My leadership style is to gather as many facts as possible, critically think about options from a realistic perspective, and then to use “intuition” to make a final decision. People management is my most robust skillset probably because I am extroverted, social, love working with others and in different diverse cultures, and feel the need to reach out and inspire others to do good in the world.

I am a firm believer in tapping into the strengths of others, exhibiting empathy and compassion, and bringing people’s ideas together and authentically communicating them.

I am usually tolerant of others, honest and open, exhibit team player qualities, and spend much time trying to build strong relationships and networks. I see this as my unique role to help leaders align their organizational and human needs together, bridge misunderstandings and deal more effectively with interpersonal and group conflicts. My goal is always to get done what I have set out to do that leaves everyone satisfied. In the end, I hope to catalyze change and growth.