Everyone can communicate but learning to connect to others is the key!

EP BradleyConflict Resolution Coach
Conflict Resolution

Remove barriers and peacefully resolve conflicts on your terms

Conflicts are an everyday business reality. Successful organizations have a business advantage when they master the art of conflict resolution.

As a Conflict Resolution Practitioner I am eager to help clients advance their knowledge and abilities in intercultural understanding, resolve communication crisis and barriers, and productively manage conflicts.

Conflict Resolution

Facilitation and Dialogue

Help people in business, organizations and community settings to address conflicts at the root. 

Heal and Grow

Cognitive Mapping and Mediation

Constructively handling complex organizational and interpersonal conflicts together!

Leadership Growth

Team Building

Motivating leaders and teams to excel through identifying the needs for action or improvement

Healthy Company Culture

Fostering Better Communication in the Workplace

Facilitating lasting and useful change for leaders and teams in an organizational setting.

How does conflict coaching work?

Conflict resolution coaching helps leaders take inventory of their conflict modus operandi. They walk away with practical tools to resolve conflicts and deal better with demanding clients and colleagues.

Invest in leadership training?

Unresolved interpersonal and workplace conflicts can harm team performance and productivity and the organizations financial bottom line. Building a healthy culture of conflict competence and intelligence allows for organizations to be innovative, agile, and ultimately improve employee morale and teamwork.

Do you need a conflict resolution coach?

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