There’s no use talking about the problem
unless you talk about the solution.

Betty Williams

There’s no use talking about the problem
unless you talk about the solution.

Betty Wiliams
Mission statement

EP Bradley Coaching provides professional leadership and career development

EP Bradley Coaching is a professional with over 20+ years of experience in the Knowledge & Learning Management industry. She helps clients navigate conflicts, improve team dynamics, boost productivity and inclusivity, and create a positive work environment through intervention, team reskilling and upskilling, and 1:1 coaching.

She is well-versed in developing and delivering cognitive learning in module skills training for project managers, HR personnel, and leadership to learn urgent L&D themes and practice skills, including DEI, conflict management, cultural and emotional intelligence, and implicit bias awareness.

Diversity, Equity, Belonging, & Inclusion Consulting

Group Facilitation

Assist clients with diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, allowing leadership and stakeholders to gain different perspectives, practice creative thinking, and forge open collaboration and belonging initiatives.

Career & Start-up Coaching

Cognitive Mapping and Mediation

Support clients in planning strategic careers and pursuing new life paths by performing skill assessments and providing skills-building, marketing, branding, and start-up assistance.

Leadership & Development

Team Building

Motivating leaders and teams to excel through identifying the needs for action or improvement.

Healthy Company Culture

Fostering Better Communication in the Workplace

Facilitating lasting and useful change for leaders and teams in an organizational setting.

How does conflict coaching work?

Conflict resolution coaching helps leaders take inventory of their conflict modus operandi. They walk away with practical tools to resolve conflicts and deal better with demanding clients and colleagues.

Invest in leadership training?

Unresolved interpersonal and workplace conflicts can harm team performance and productivity and the organizations financial bottom line. Building a healthy culture of conflict competence and intelligence allows for organizations to be innovative, agile, and ultimately improve employee morale and teamwork.

What people say

  • Eileen is an amazing and very committed coach and trainer. She really understands people and can relate to their problems on a very deep level. I would recommend her without hesitation as a career coach and intercultural trainer.

    Gary Scott
    CEO / Producer at Vidwerkberlin
  • We were able to co-create effective solutions to complex organizational problems within a few sessions – it was an extremely instructive and enriching experience! Eileen is a highly engaged and skilled professional and enjoyed very much each of our sessions.

    Nadja Carabulea
    Kontist Banking, Scrum Master & Agile Coach (formerly- Employee Success Manager)
  • Eileen is a person who goes above and beyond in her managerial duties. She is always positive and open to face new challenges and directions in her educational positions. She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages.

    Anne Gordon
    Vice President of Business Development, Helen Doron Educational Group
  • I have worked with Eileen for many years and admire the speed in which she manages to start her work and master it. She has remarkable networking qualities and highly motivated to widen her fields of expertise. She has a natural gift to work with people from different cultures and extremely capable of working in multidisciplinary and professional settings.

    Alexander Carius
    Director of Adelphi Research
  • Eileen’s greatest asset is her ability to work in foreign cultures, organize public relations activities and diplomatic events, communicate and network with clients and public officials, oversee and manage projects and work as a team player.

    Andreas Kraemer
    Former Director, Ecologic- Institute for International and European Environmental Policy
  • I have found Eileen to be an intelligent individual, who is willing to take the lead in situations when required. She enjoys working in a leadership role in an international setting and is a natural extrovert who gets great satisfaction in serving others and counseling peers through motivation, listening, and understanding. What I admire about Eileen are her strong practical skills, trustworthiness, sense of duty, and finding ways to work in the German market as an Expat.

    Melanie Fiesler
    Director of WHM (Work Happy Mums)
  • I got to know Eileen through the „INBECO” coaching program. Eileen is very professional, she helped me create a great CV and prepared me for job interviews. With Eileen, you know that you are in good hands and that she will help you and support you throughout the process of finding a job. Thank you Eileen for all your help! 

    Emmy Nikol
    Fashion & Accessories Designer
  • Eileen is among the best trainers I know in the intercultural and organizational conflict area. We worked together with a global client – an AI, Data and Engineering company, a global leader in real-time advertising Technology & Infrastructure. Eileen proved herself as an extremely qualified trainer with a great sense of humour and positive energy, who knows exactly what question to ask when, in order to challenge the participants and get them out of a comfort zone. She is easy to work with, is very systematic and impact-driven.

    Olla Jongerius
    Founder (BerLearn) and Diversity & Inclusion Intercultural Trainer & Consultant
  • We turned to Eileen to facilitate three short modules on Communication, Intercultural Competence and Conflict Management and were really happy with the outcome. Her understanding of these topics is thorough, her preparation was diligent and the facilitation was engaging which all resulted in very satisfied participants.

    Dario Karl
    HR Director at REMERGE
  • Eileen is a great sparring partner, thoughtful yet pushy in just the right combination. Eileen has taught me several things that have been extremely beneficial as I work through a midlife career change. She is a great coach and trainer, and I have no doubts that she is also a great mediator/facilitator due to her understanding of people. Eileen also understands the cultural divide between Europeans and North Americans based on her extensive personal experience.

    Scott Douglass
    Geospatial Product Expert and Consultant
  • I worked closely with Eileen when she was an active board member of the American German Business Club Berlin e.V. Her dedication to serving as spokesperson, liaison, and plan engaging club events all helped in building positive relations between and amongst German and American club members. She also served as a mentor for the Annual Student Business Competition inspiring young entrepreneurs of tomorrow. I admire her entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, teaching abilities, and passion to work with youth and adults alike. She is an open-minded and team-oriented person that focuses on finding solutions and cooperation.

    Udo von Massenbach
    President, American-German Business Club Berlin e.V.
  • Eileen has not only shown her quality as a coach and advisor, who can brilliantly analyze and offers multiple techniques for getting a clear picture, but she works “hands-on” with full motivation and lots of humor. I would book her services any time again and again. Her specialty of helping families and customers from abroad getting used to the German system, is very enchanting when everything is new and confusing at the start.

    Nadja Raabe
    Managing Director, findQ